Sonata for solo violin

Violin  |  16'45"

Movement 2 (excerpt)

Movement 3

Program Note

Written in the spring of 2009, my Sonata for Solo Violin is the second in a series of compositions for solo instruments. The music poses extreme technical challenges. Passages of multiple triple and quadruple stops combined with a largely contrapuntal texture requires great accuracy and agility from the performer. The work requires superior flexibility in bowing and articulation and tests the performer’s skill and stamina. As in all of my work, the evident virtuosity is not in itself an end, but exists as a necessary element in the dramatic progression of the piece. My Sonata for Solo Violin is constructed in three movements. Each movement’s often dense harmonic structure aims to build to the climactic resolution in the final intense moments of the third movement. The work is dedicated with immense gratitude to violinist Courtney Orlando. Her incredible musicianship and virtuosity, her acute focus on subtle detail and nuance and her enthusiasm for new music allows for the creation of challenging works.

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