And After the Dark

Orchestra - 333, 4331, Timp, 4 Perc, Harp, Piano, Strings  |  15'

Program Note:

And After the Dark often evokes feelings of rage juxtaposed with periods of contentment, elements of frustration relieved by triumph, the calming of the convulsive, and darkness succumbing to clarity. The piece focuses on three distinctly contrasting motives that provide the foundation for the work’s harmonic, rhythmic, and textural development. These three figures, a rising minor third, a sextuplet comprised of the pattern of 4 consecutive pitches followed by a rest and falling second, and a contrasting lyrical melody, all take on independent roles that aid in the contrast of each motive’s character. In And After the Dark, I attempt to link the individual qualities of each figure to create a sound world rich in diverse character and color. The result is a work that hinges on the relationships of the contrasting; both evidently presented in the music and the allusive.

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